How Often Your Chimney Needs Sweeping?

How Often Your Chimney Needs Sweeping

A dirty chimney can cause chimney fires by preventing the escape of harmful gases. Regular chimney sweeping in Sevenoaks will ensure that your chimney is safe to operate. It will help if you get your chimney cleaned or inspected once a year. However, if you frequently burn coal or wood in your fireplace, it is suggested to choose a chimney sweep every season.

How often your chimney needs cleaning usually boils down to a few factors. If you have a fireplace, then choose to have an inspection once a year. It will ensure the safety of your chimney. You must then incorporate repairs, maintenance, or cleaning as required.

Follow These Tips

  • If you regularly burn coal or wood in the fireplace should have the chimney swept every quarter.
  • If you use smokeless fuel in your fireplace, then a once-a-year chimney sweeping will suffice.
  • If you have a gas or oil fireplace, then once-a-year chimney sweeping is recommended.

Signs That Call for Chimney Cleaning

If you notice these early warning signs, you must contact your local registered chimney sweep company.

  • The surrounding of your fireplace has started turning black.
  • After burning wood or coal in your home, you can smell smoke.
  • If your fireplace is performing inefficiently and you are noticing weak fire.
  • If burning wood in your fireplace is causing more smoke than usual.
  • If you notice soot dropping down the walls of your fireplace.
  • If you find animal nests in your chimney.
  • If you notice black participle deposits within your chimney.

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Reasons to Get a Chimney Cleaned & Inspected Before Winter

Reasons to Get a Chimney Cleaned & Inspected Before Winter


The winter season is here. It is necessary to get your chimney inspected by a professional chimney sweep in Sevenoaks.

Here are some reasons for getting your chimney inspected and cleaned

  • Removing Any Blockage

 When the chimney is not in use, it may become home to pests, birds, or other animals. Debris or stones can also get accumulated in the chimney. You will need to have your chimney cleaned to remove these blockages.

  • Repairing Any Structural Problem

For your house to be safe while the chimney is in use, you need to make sure that your chimney is in good condition. From the damper system to the crown, each part of the chimney needs to be checked safely. You can hire a chimney inspector to check for any damage and get it repaired as soon as possible.

  • Preventing A Fire

When you are lighting up the fire in your fireplace, more than just smoke goes up the chimney. A tar-like dark-coloured substance gets accumulated in the inner wall of the chimney. This is known as creosote, and you need to ensure that your chimney is free of it. This is a highly flammable substance, and you need to get your chimney cleaned to get rid of the creosote.

  • Enhance its Efficiency

It will help if you enhance the efficiency of the chimney. This means that you can keep your house warm and energy-efficient, without spending a lot of money on fuel. For this, you would have to clean your chimney regularly. When you are removing any blockage from the chimney, you are increasing its efficiency.

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The Three Important Levels of Chimney Inspection

The Three Important Levels of Chimney Inspection

A chimney inspection is a significant way of improving your fireplace’s performance. If you want to ensure that your chimney continues to be efficient and safe, then a chimney inspection from a chimney sweep in Sevenoaks is important. It can help to look for build-ups and blockages and also help enhance the performance of the chimney.

Here are a few things you need to know about the chimney inspection.

Three Levels of Service

 There are three levels of services offered by the chimney inspectors.

  • Level One Chimney Inspection

The level one chimney inspection is a  small process. This involves the visual checking of the fireplace by the chimney inspectors. This process is performed without any special equipment or methods and also excludes roof activities.

In this form of inspection, the experts are expected to complete the task of checking using a flashlight. They look for damage, build-up, soot or obstruction and advise the client if the chimney requires sweeping. The job of sweeping the chimney is done on the spot. To sweep the chimney, they often use brushes, extension poles, and a vacuum.

  • Level Two Chimney Inspection

In these kinds of inspections, it is mandatory to perform all the level one chimney inspection procedures. But this process is not only limited to only level one review. This process requires specialized tools and methods. The inspectors in this level also visit the roof and attic. They also look into the crawl space in search for any form of damage. They employ special kind of video scanning tools to perform the methods. The process is completed by sweeping the chimney. They also provide the client with necessary information around what type of repair might be needed.

  • Level Three Chimney Inspection

This level is often referred to as ‘destructive’ and ‘intrusive’. This form of inspection is usually performed after an incident of a chimney fire. The process involves tearing down and rebuilding the walls and the chimney.

The cost of the process varies as per the location and size of the chimney. Make sure to find the right company for a safe and protected chimney inspection.

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Things You Should Know About Chimney Cleaning

Things You Should Know About Chimney Cleaning

As far as chimney cleaning is concerned, it is essential to clean all the blockages, creosote created from the chimney liner, damper, firebox, and smoke chamber. The cleaning process will provide you with safe operation, while the heating process is going on. It takes a little amount of creosote to start a chimney fire. The creosote is a flammable element that is naturally built up inside of your chimney liner due to burning wood. Different types of wood can create varying amounts of creosote as they burn out.

However, if you are using pine, then you must avoid it because it creates massive creosote. Also, creosote can reduce the efficiency of the chimney. However, seek professional help for a chimney sweep in Sevenoaks and maintain your chimney properly.

Schedule Your Chimney Inspection

You must schedule a chimney inspection once in a year to make sure that your systems are working correctly. However, if you are using your fireplace at regular intervals, then you must clean the chimney every year to avoid any future damage. Also, you can clean the vents connected to the furnace and stove to maintain a safe operating system. The fireplace, oven, stove, and heating appliance are the basic need of any family, so taking good care of them is very important. While using these appliances, you must take all the safety measures to protect you and your family from any accident.

Whether you are using your fireplace, chimney, or stove regularly or not, an annual inspection is mandatory. Sometimes, chimney inspection can protect you from any mishaps, which can be prevented with the simple step taken by cleaning your chimney. Hence, a yearly chimney inspection is necessary.

When is the Inspection Needed?

However, if you haven’t cleaned your chimney for a long time, then you must have a chimney inspection. Besides, if you are facing any performance-related issue with your stack then without wasting any time, you should consult with a reputed professional chimney sweep in Sevenoaks Sometimes the fireplace or heating systems can give you troubles therefore along with your chimney inspection you must get them to check them as well for extra security.

Sometimes not taking professional help can lead to a significant loss in terms of your property and other assets and severe safety hazards. Also, when you are changing your chimney liners, you must do a chimney inspection.

These measures will increase the durability of your chimney and will help you remain safe and protected.