The Three Important Levels of Chimney Inspection

The Three Important Levels of Chimney Inspection

A chimney inspection is a significant way of improving your fireplace’s performance. If you want to ensure that your chimney continues to be efficient and safe, then a chimney inspection from a chimney sweep in Sevenoaks is important. It can help to look for build-ups and blockages and also help enhance the performance of the chimney.

Here are a few things you need to know about the chimney inspection.

Three Levels of Service

 There are three levels of services offered by the chimney inspectors.

  • Level One Chimney Inspection

The level one chimney inspection is a  small process. This involves the visual checking of the fireplace by the chimney inspectors. This process is performed without any special equipment or methods and also excludes roof activities.

In this form of inspection, the experts are expected to complete the task of checking using a flashlight. They look for damage, build-up, soot or obstruction and advise the client if the chimney requires sweeping. The job of sweeping the chimney is done on the spot. To sweep the chimney, they often use brushes, extension poles, and a vacuum.

  • Level Two Chimney Inspection

In these kinds of inspections, it is mandatory to perform all the level one chimney inspection procedures. But this process is not only limited to only level one review. This process requires specialized tools and methods. The inspectors in this level also visit the roof and attic. They also look into the crawl space in search for any form of damage. They employ special kind of video scanning tools to perform the methods. The process is completed by sweeping the chimney. They also provide the client with necessary information around what type of repair might be needed.

  • Level Three Chimney Inspection

This level is often referred to as ‘destructive’ and ‘intrusive’. This form of inspection is usually performed after an incident of a chimney fire. The process involves tearing down and rebuilding the walls and the chimney.

The cost of the process varies as per the location and size of the chimney. Make sure to find the right company for a safe and protected chimney inspection.

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3 Significant Benefits of Regular Cleaning and Maintenance of Chimneys

3 Significant Benefits of Regular Cleaning and Maintenance of Chimneys

Chimneys are a beautiful architectural element in a house. They are instrumental in dispelling smoke and vapours. Usually, chimneys are attached to fireplaces, kitchen stoves, and fossil-fuel-based heating appliances in the home. It is imperative to hire an experienced chimney sweep in Tunbridge Wells to service your chimney regularly. Three significant advantages of cleaning and maintaining your house chimney are as follows:

Better efficiency

Like with any other machinery, a chimney works well when kept clean. Since a chimney is situated high up the roof of a house, it often gets clogged. Rain, cobwebs, bird nests, and rodent infestation can cause blockages. Additional creosote build-up hampers the efficiency of a chimney significantly.

To avoid reduced efficiency, regular chimney sweeping is the only solution. Clogged chimneys can hamper the heating ability of a fireplace or any other heating appliance. A clean chimney enables better circulation of heat and dissipation of fumes.

Better safety standards

Dirty chimneys can have more than one hazardous health impact. Firstly, the creosote or soot build-up in chimneys can develop into toxic fumes when mixed with the vapours released from the burning wood in the fireplace. Blockages in the chimney do not let these fumes escape. Hence, it leads to deteriorating indoor air quality inside your house. This can cause a variety of breathing problems.

Further, clogged chimneys are prone to damage and can even cause house fires. A professional chimney sweep in Tunbridge Wells can help prevent such accidents. Thus, it can provide better safety standards for you and your loved ones.

Lesser expenses

Last but not least, regular chimney cleaning provides a greater return on investment than you would expect. Usually, fireplaces and stoves with chimneys operate on fossil fuels like wood and coal. Now, these substances release toxins and fumes. The chimney interiors are prone to be coated with an excessive quantity of the following harmful materials:

  • Dust
  • Grime
  • Creosote or Soot
  • Ash
  • Wood bits

Irregular maintenance of chimneys can lead to severe structural damage to the chimneys. Replacing a chimney system ultimately can cost you a lot of money and time. Periodic chimney sweeping can help you avoid substantial one-time expenses by identifying and fixing small problems as and when they arise.

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Seek Chimney Cleaning During Springtime

Seek Chimney Cleaning During Springtime

When it comes to chimney sweeping in Bromley people often get confused. Most of them want to know the exact season when chimney cleaning would reap the best results. A majority of them assume that autumn is the ideal season to clean and prepare the chimney for winter months. The actual answer is “No”. According to experts, “spring” is ideal if anyone is considering chimney sweeping.

Why spring is considered the ideal season to clean your chimney? 

As the month of September arrives most chimney sweeping companies have a huge waiting list to cater to. If you too are thinking of seeking chimney sweeping in Bromley during autumn time, you may experience a long waiting time. Moreover, the biggest reason why experts recommend springtime as the best months to seek chimney maintenance service is that the heating facility gets dirty after it is used. As winter leaves, a lot of smoke and grime gets accumulated along the chimney. The fireplace turns messy and so does the chimney. In order to prepare your chimney for forthcoming winter months, it’s important to seek chimney sweeping in Bromley during springtime. Creosote which is a highly flammable substance accumulates in the fireplace and along the walls of a chimney.

If left unclean, the fireplace can pose a threat to the household. Seeking time to time chimney cleaning services can help put off risks of sudden fire when winter arrives. Creosote only accumulates when the fireplace is being used and summer is definitely not the time when you will feel like using the fireplace. So, chances of creosote accumulation are minimal. According to experts if the chimney remains untouched, it will stay clean till the time it is being used.

Can you clean your chimney during autumn or winter? 

Yes! Of course, you can. You can get your chimney cleaned during any time of the year. However, it is most important to clean the fireplace after it is being used. So as winter leaves, don’t hesitate to seek chimney sweeping in Bromley just because you had sought such services during autumn or winter month. Remember the winter weather can damage your fireplace or chimney more than other months of the year. So, the spring months should be your target. Other than this time of the year, you can seek chimney cleaning during any season.