Why Summer is the Perfect Time for Chimney Sweep2

Summer is the time to relax and of course the time to prepare for the English winter.  Summer is the best time to schedule a maintenance service for your chimney as it is the time when there is no need to light the fire, and so the chimney remains non-functional. Call for a chimney sweep in Sevenoaks for your chimney services and maintenance. Here are a few essential reasons for choosing the summer months for a chimney sweep.

Why Sweep Chimneys in Summer?

It is the best time to avoid the chimney odour

During summer, the moisture in the air mixes with the creosote and the soot left in the chimney flue. This, in turn, makes way to a stinky, foul odour. So, it is essential to call for a chimney sweep.

Avoiding the Autumn Rush:

 Getting the chimney swept in summer can very well help you in preventing the autumn rush. This is the period between October and January when the major chimney sweep companies remain busy with repair works, emergency calls, inspections, and installation.  So, it gets difficult to get a booking. Having the chimney swept in summer months prepares you well in advance, before the arrival of the cold winter.

These are some of the essential considerations to have your chimney winter-ready. You can very well escape all the stress, tension, and hassles of getting the service of a chimney sweep in Sevenoaks by taking the initiative on time. Mr Clean Sweep is your friendly chimney sweep expert in providing you with an easy and effective service without any hassle or stress.

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