Chimneys are known to warm the rooms in which they are in. But you need to take care of them, or it might lead to some problematic issues.

You have to maintain your fireplace correctly to make sure it is safe. You need to stay clear of some problems or hire a service provider offering chimney sweep in Tunbridge Wells.

  • Check for Creosote

It is not just the smoke that goes up when the wood is burnt. When the wood is burnt, creosote gets deposited in the inner lining of the chimney. The brown colour tar, soot and carbon powder are together known as the creosote. These two are quite explosive, and you need to make sure that you are cleaning your chimney at a regular interval to get rid of the creosote.

  • Ensure There are no Blockages

Not just creosote, there are many blockages other that can occur. Many households do not use the chimney all through the year except for winter. For such households, it is necessary to make sure that the chimney is free of any blockages. A bird’s nest, dead animals or birds, debris, etc. can cause a blockage.

  • Check for Cracked Walls

Before the winter kicks in, make sure that your fireplace is free of any cracks. For a masonry fireplace building, a wall around the cracked wall will do. You can also hire a chimney expert to take care of the cracked fireplace wall.

There is a lot more to look for before you start lighting a fireplace regularly. It is always better to hire a chimney expert. If you are looking for such an expert you can employ Mr Clean Sweep, they are known to be the best in the town.

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