3 Significant Benefits of Regular Cleaning and Maintenance of Chimneys

3 Significant Benefits of Regular Cleaning and Maintenance of Chimneys

Chimneys are a beautiful architectural element in a house. They are instrumental in dispelling smoke and vapours. Usually, chimneys are attached to fireplaces, kitchen stoves, and fossil-fuel-based heating appliances in the home. It is imperative to hire an experienced chimney sweep in Tunbridge Wells to service your chimney regularly. Three significant advantages of cleaning and maintaining your house chimney are as follows:

Better efficiency

Like with any other machinery, a chimney works well when kept clean. Since a chimney is situated high up the roof of a house, it often gets clogged. Rain, cobwebs, bird nests, and rodent infestation can cause blockages. Additional creosote build-up hampers the efficiency of a chimney significantly.

To avoid reduced efficiency, regular chimney sweeping is the only solution. Clogged chimneys can hamper the heating ability of a fireplace or any other heating appliance. A clean chimney enables better circulation of heat and dissipation of fumes.

Better safety standards

Dirty chimneys can have more than one hazardous health impact. Firstly, the creosote or soot build-up in chimneys can develop into toxic fumes when mixed with the vapours released from the burning wood in the fireplace. Blockages in the chimney do not let these fumes escape. Hence, it leads to deteriorating indoor air quality inside your house. This can cause a variety of breathing problems.

Further, clogged chimneys are prone to damage and can even cause house fires. A professional chimney sweep in Tunbridge Wells can help prevent such accidents. Thus, it can provide better safety standards for you and your loved ones.

Lesser expenses

Last but not least, regular chimney cleaning provides a greater return on investment than you would expect. Usually, fireplaces and stoves with chimneys operate on fossil fuels like wood and coal. Now, these substances release toxins and fumes. The chimney interiors are prone to be coated with an excessive quantity of the following harmful materials:

  • Dust
  • Grime
  • Creosote or Soot
  • Ash
  • Wood bits

Irregular maintenance of chimneys can lead to severe structural damage to the chimneys. Replacing a chimney system ultimately can cost you a lot of money and time. Periodic chimney sweeping can help you avoid substantial one-time expenses by identifying and fixing small problems as and when they arise.

Therefore, there is no alternative to an expert chimney sweep in Tunbridge WellsMr Clean Sweep is a reputed provider of quality chimney sweeping and maintenance services at affordable prices.

How to Find the Best Chimney Sweep Service?

How to Find the Best Chimney Sweep Service2

The chimney is the most overlooked part of a house when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. It is left as it is when the chimney is not being used. This can bring many health and other hazards in your house. You need to maintain a clean and working chimney to ensure the safety of your family. You can hire a chimney sweep company to clean your chimney. With so many companies offering chimney sweep services, here are some of the points you must keep in mind while hiring one.

  • Hire a company that is certified by the Heating Equipment Testing and Approval Scheme.
  • Hire older and experienced companies that have more than 15 years of experience.
  • The company must have a well-designed website.
  • The company must offer other services apart from chimney sweeping.
  • Hire companies with positive feedback.
  • The company must perform thorough inspections.

When should you hire chimney sweep services?

The month of autumn is the time when the chimneys get overworked. There are leaves, twigs, that accumulates in the chimney. Also, it is during the winter that you will require the chimney. You should call a chimney sweeping just before winter. Other events that you should consider chimney cleaning are as follows –

  • The build-up of creosote and soot inside your chimney.
  • The build-up is ¼ inch thick.
  • The byproducts fall into the firebox.

Why should you hire a certified chimney sweep service?

While you surely can clean your chimney, but professional chimney sweep services, know the exact ways to clean the chimney and have the right equipment. Here are other reasons why you should consider hiring professional assistance of a chimney sweep in Tunbridge Wells 

  • They are professionals.
  • They follow the safety guidelines.
  • They have the required tools.
  • Conducts a thorough inspection to ensure there’s no threat.
  • Reliable and trustworthy

What are the services provided?

Here are some of the services that you can expect from a chimney sweep service in Tunbridge Wells –

  • Traditional chimney sweeping for closed or open fires.
  • Removing any blockage from the chimney.
  • Cleaning any metal flues for the boiler, cooker, or stove.

Mr. Clean Sweep is the HETAS-certified chimney sweep in Tunbridge Wells. They offer total solutions for all chimney problems.


4 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Chimney Sweeper for Your Home

4 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Chimney Sweeper for Your Home

It is necessary to have the chimney installed at your house clean and well-maintained all the time. You cannot expect full performance from the chimney if you fail to take complete care of the entire system.

Hiring the experts for the job of a chimney sweep in Tunbridge Wells is a good idea of the homeowners who do not have enough time and proper skills. These experts know every detail of the chimney installed at your house. Hence, it becomes easier for them to clean and maintain the chimney to ensure its right functionality throughout the year.

Reasons to Look for an Expert

Experience of the Job

Though chimney cleaning may sound very easy; just a matter of using a brush into the chimney to loosen up the dust, dirt and the debris from its wall, the fact is the job is quite challenging. Different houses have different types of chimneys.  Only a certified and experienced chimney sweeper knows the differences and how to maintain them.

Fix the Issues

These experts will inspect your chimney first. If they find any issue inside the same, then they will fix that first. These experts have the knowledge of not only chimney cleaning, but also chimney repairing. Hence, you can feel completely relaxed about the condition and health of your chimney when you hire them. They will repair the damages first and then start their cleaning job.

Ensure Better Performance

Hiring the experienced professionals for chimney sweep will ensure the better performance of the system. Your chimney will become more efficient after every sweeping. These experts will make it easier for you to enjoy the full performance of the chimney right when you need it the most.

For the best results, you need to look for the most reliable and experienced company of chimney sweeper. Clean Sweep is one such name in the industry of chimney sweeping in Tunbridge Wells. You can call us to know in detail about our services.

Tips to Keep Your Chimney Clean

Tips to Keep Your Chimney Clean

Keeping your chimney clean is the least you can do to avoid chimney fires and other accidents. Even if you don’t use your fireplace very often or you just moved in a new place you still need to make sure that the chimney is clean otherwise mishaps like chimney fire can happen anytime.

Follow This Signs to Understand If a Chimney Cleaning is Required 

  • Weak and small flames are dumping sudden cloud of smoke into the room.
  • Try and reach for the black damper, and if you can see any dirt or gunk there, then it certainly needs a cleaning.
  • Burning smell coming from the fireplace even when not in use. For further information on this, you might want to contact Mr Clean sweep, the efficient chimney sweep in Tunbridge wells.

Items You Will Need to Clean Your Chimney

Even though some people prefer to contact professionals chimney sweep in Tunbridge wells to have their chimney cleaned, you can also do the initial inspection yourself. Here’s what you will need to identify the problem areas in your chimney:

  • Ladder
  • Some clothes or old sheets for covering the fireplace.
  • Duct tape.
  • Vacuum cleaner.
  • Special rods and brushes made for chimney cleaning.
  • Broom.
  • Flashlight.
  • Protection for your eyes.

So, if you can identify the signs and decide to clean your chimney then call for expert support.

Things You Should Know About Chimney Cleaning

Things You Should Know About Chimney Cleaning

As far as chimney cleaning is concerned, it is essential to clean all the blockages, creosote created from the chimney liner, damper, firebox, and smoke chamber. The cleaning process will provide you with safe operation, while the heating process is going on. It takes a little amount of creosote to start a chimney fire. The creosote is a flammable element that is naturally built up inside of your chimney liner due to burning wood. Different types of wood can create varying amounts of creosote as they burn out.

However, if you are using pine, then you must avoid it because it creates massive creosote. Also, creosote can reduce the efficiency of the chimney. However, seek professional help for a chimney sweep in Sevenoaks and maintain your chimney properly.

Schedule Your Chimney Inspection

You must schedule a chimney inspection once in a year to make sure that your systems are working correctly. However, if you are using your fireplace at regular intervals, then you must clean the chimney every year to avoid any future damage. Also, you can clean the vents connected to the furnace and stove to maintain a safe operating system. The fireplace, oven, stove, and heating appliance are the basic need of any family, so taking good care of them is very important. While using these appliances, you must take all the safety measures to protect you and your family from any accident.

Whether you are using your fireplace, chimney, or stove regularly or not, an annual inspection is mandatory. Sometimes, chimney inspection can protect you from any mishaps, which can be prevented with the simple step taken by cleaning your chimney. Hence, a yearly chimney inspection is necessary.

When is the Inspection Needed?

However, if you haven’t cleaned your chimney for a long time, then you must have a chimney inspection. Besides, if you are facing any performance-related issue with your stack then without wasting any time, you should consult with a reputed professional chimney sweep in Sevenoaks Sometimes the fireplace or heating systems can give you troubles therefore along with your chimney inspection you must get them to check them as well for extra security.

Sometimes not taking professional help can lead to a significant loss in terms of your property and other assets and severe safety hazards. Also, when you are changing your chimney liners, you must do a chimney inspection.

These measures will increase the durability of your chimney and will help you remain safe and protected.


Why Summer is the Perfect Time for Chimney Sweep?

Why Summer is the Perfect Time for Chimney Sweep2

Summer is the time to relax and of course the time to prepare for the English winter.  Summer is the best time to schedule a maintenance service for your chimney as it is the time when there is no need to light the fire, and so the chimney remains non-functional. Call for a chimney sweep in Sevenoaks for your chimney services and maintenance. Here are a few essential reasons for choosing the summer months for a chimney sweep.

Why Sweep Chimneys in Summer?

It is the best time to avoid the chimney odour

During summer, the moisture in the air mixes with the creosote and the soot left in the chimney flue. This, in turn, makes way to a stinky, foul odour. So, it is essential to call for a chimney sweep.

Avoiding the Autumn Rush:

 Getting the chimney swept in summer can very well help you in preventing the autumn rush. This is the period between October and January when the major chimney sweep companies remain busy with repair works, emergency calls, inspections, and installation.  So, it gets difficult to get a booking. Having the chimney swept in summer months prepares you well in advance, before the arrival of the cold winter.

These are some of the essential considerations to have your chimney winter-ready. You can very well escape all the stress, tension, and hassles of getting the service of a chimney sweep in Sevenoaks by taking the initiative on time. Mr Clean Sweep is your friendly chimney sweep expert in providing you with an easy and effective service without any hassle or stress.

Let the Professionals Take Charge of Your Chimney

Let the Professionals Take Charge of Your Chimney

A lot of people try to perform their chimney cleaning or chimney repair by themselves to save money. Chimneys have a lot of soot and creosote which needs professional handling.  Also, working at the top of the roof is not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s quite risky, and so it is not so wise to undertake such a job. Why take the uncertainty while you can hire a chimney sweep in Tunbridge Wells to repair or clean your chimney?

Use of Proper Tools

From chimney cleaners to brushes and from vacuums to other cleansing tools, the professionals have it all. Usage of the proper tools can make the process a lot easier, safer and less complicated. Even for tuck pointing, they only use the tools that are meant to repair or clean chimneys. So hire a professional to do the job for you.

Speaking about Experience

You can’t deny the power of experience. And that’s no different with chimney repair. If you hire professional chimney cleaners, then you can rely on them as they have years of experience in their respective fields. Whereas, if you decide to do it yourself, you might have to face some severe issues which might go out of control at any point in time.

Mistakes Are Not Worth It

Every year so many house fires happen, and a chimney fire can cause many of them. If you want to avoid such situations hiring a professional to take care of your chimney would be a better option to have peace of mind.

Hope these reasons are convincing enough to hire a chimney sweep in Tunbridge Wells. Let the professionals do their job because they are good.

Why chimney is an Essential for your fireplace for house warming

Why chimney is an Essential for your fireplace for house warming

Many people use a fireplace during winter. It is hard to deny the benefits of a modern furnace. A fireplace offers you an economic warming solution. Even a fireplace can make your gatherings more warming and appealing. But sometimes the smoke can escape through the fireplace opening. This is not at all comfortable to experience. If you are facing such a thing, then it means you have a poor fireplace drafting. If you need any kind of help related to this, then you must contact a professional chimney sweep in Tunbridge wells.

Why chimney shroud is essential?

It’s vital to have a chimney shroud. A chimney shroud helps you to prevent rain from entering your home. If you do not use a shroud, then rainwater can quickly enter inside the chimney liner. However, a chimney shroud provides directions from the centre part to stop rain from entering.  It helps to maintain the warmth of your house as well.

Importance of chimney caps
  • The chimney cap blocks water from entering into the chimney.
  • Without a chimney cap, rainwater can enter within quickly.
  • Chimney caps can protect water from getting inside the attic.
  • You should be very careful while choosing the chimney caps.
  • Rain or moisture can easily damage your walls and ceiling if you don’t attach chimney caps.
  • These caps can prevent your chimney from any leakage.
  • It helps to maintain the stability of your chimney.

Wood Stove is the Alternative to Conventional Open Fire Facility

Wood Stove is the Alternative to Conventional Open Fire Facility

The English weather turns extremely cold during the winter and it’s hard to keep warm by only wearing woollen clothing. Battling winter months can seem really tough with simple heating facilities. Hence stove installations in Bromley are necessary to keep the heat flowing in your home. Keeping the wood stoves on for some hours can prove effective in lowering the coldness inside and also be very economical. Though some people are of the opinion that radiators can effectively stir warmth in a space; but nothing can beat the cosiness generated by the woodstove.

The traditional fireplace has been agelessly rendering warmth to households. They hold a majestic charm and are most often considered a striking addition to a property. It is true that most properties across England feature built-in fireplace; but what if they don’t have one? This is when you need a stove installed in your property in Bromley. Owning a property lacking a fireplace makes it hard for the householder and his family to get through the rough weather during winter. The only smart alternative to the majestic fireplace is a stove. Since a majority of properties these days don’t feature built-in open fireplace, the stove is considered the most viable option to maintain warmth inside a home, also very economical and it increases the value of your property.

Why the woodstove? 

If you are thinking why people are already investing money on wood stoves when they can have other heating alternatives for their home then here are some facts that will draw your attention. Contemporary properties don’t feature the traditional open fire facility. This is driving most people across Bromley to consider stove installations since these heating facilities are known to be really popular. They can warm up space within a quick span of time. Most of all they are fuel-efficient. There are different types of wood stoves available these days. The different models are meant to blend well with the aesthetics of properties that showcase modern interiors. There is a design to suit all household.

Here are the reasons why the woodstove is chosen over the traditional open fire facility 


The best part about wood stove installation in Bromley is that these stoves can be installed anywhere. The traditional fireplace, on the other hand, is static. It can’t be transferred to where you need it the most. Since contemporary homes lack fireplaces, stoves come to the rescue of such households. They are a hassle-free alternative offering multi-functional features. The stove comes with a flue which needs to be mounted. Hence as long as the place where you want to get the stove installed has enough space to accommodate the flue which is responsible for sending out the smoke, you have very little to worry about.

Compact alternative 

The wood stove is an ideal addition for a contemporary home. The stylish designs are conceptualised based on contemporary architecture. The designs are extremely minimalistic. They are elegant and classy and can fit around perfectly at spaces featuring modern interiors.

These are two of the fundamental reasons why a householder should emphasise more on stove installs in Bromley.

Seek Chimney Cleaning During Springtime

Seek Chimney Cleaning During Springtime

When it comes to chimney sweeping in Bromley people often get confused. Most of them want to know the exact season when chimney cleaning would reap the best results. A majority of them assume that autumn is the ideal season to clean and prepare the chimney for winter months. The actual answer is “No”. According to experts, “spring” is ideal if anyone is considering chimney sweeping.

Why spring is considered the ideal season to clean your chimney? 

As the month of September arrives most chimney sweeping companies have a huge waiting list to cater to. If you too are thinking of seeking chimney sweeping in Bromley during autumn time, you may experience a long waiting time. Moreover, the biggest reason why experts recommend springtime as the best months to seek chimney maintenance service is that the heating facility gets dirty after it is used. As winter leaves, a lot of smoke and grime gets accumulated along the chimney. The fireplace turns messy and so does the chimney. In order to prepare your chimney for forthcoming winter months, it’s important to seek chimney sweeping in Bromley during springtime. Creosote which is a highly flammable substance accumulates in the fireplace and along the walls of a chimney.

If left unclean, the fireplace can pose a threat to the household. Seeking time to time chimney cleaning services can help put off risks of sudden fire when winter arrives. Creosote only accumulates when the fireplace is being used and summer is definitely not the time when you will feel like using the fireplace. So, chances of creosote accumulation are minimal. According to experts if the chimney remains untouched, it will stay clean till the time it is being used.

Can you clean your chimney during autumn or winter? 

Yes! Of course, you can. You can get your chimney cleaned during any time of the year. However, it is most important to clean the fireplace after it is being used. So as winter leaves, don’t hesitate to seek chimney sweeping in Bromley just because you had sought such services during autumn or winter month. Remember the winter weather can damage your fireplace or chimney more than other months of the year. So, the spring months should be your target. Other than this time of the year, you can seek chimney cleaning during any season.