Common Chimney Sweep Mistakes You Must Avoid

Common Chimney Sweep Mistakes You Must Avoid

If you have a chimney in your house and want to cut down on carbon monoxide risk, hire a chimney sweep. The majority of them have years of experience in the industry and know the various reasons why creosote can build up in the flue. Though there are no rules regarding how often you should clean your chimney, hire chimney sweep experts from Mr Clean Sweep Ltd before it’s too late.

Why Choose Mr Clean Sweep For Chimney Cleaning?

They are fully qualified with The National Association of Chimney Sweeps so you can have complete peace of mind. The main purpose is to prevent unprotected flues from becoming a cause of structural decay in chimney stacks. Their chimney experts will also help you avoid the common chimney sweep mistakes.

Hire Chimney Sweep In Sevenoaks And Avoid The Common Mistakes

1. Using Logs, Salt And Chemicals To Clean The Flue

Though you can reduce creosote buildup using these products, they can’t remove everything. When sheets of creosote become loose and fall into the smoke shelf, it can lead to a chimney fire. If there is a wood-burning stove in your house, using a chimney sweeping log is not advisable. The damage caused might be irreversible.

2. Not Cleaning The Chimney Because You Burn Hardwood Or Seasoned Wood

Every chimney sweep in Croydon knows that nothing burns without leaving any residue. If you burn hardwood or seasoned wood, there will be fewer residues and you might not require frequent sweepings. You should also ensure that the vendor is supplying high-quality seasoned wood. The right drying technique should be used so that the firewood moisture content is less than 20%.

3. Not Hiring Professionals When Cleaning Chimney

The chimney cleaning technique you should follow differs from one model to another. Instead of trying to do it yourself, hire experienced chimney sweeps in Sevenoaks as they have years of experience and advanced tools. They never clear blockages using sticks, rods or brushes. Every chimney sweeper at Mr Clean Sweep has complete knowledge about the cleaning process and can offer reliable services when it comes to cleaning your chimney.

Since you are now aware of the common chimney sweep mistakes, hire experienced chimney sweepers.

3 Reasons To Hire Chimney Cleaning Experts From Mr Clean Sweep

3 Reasons To Hire Chimney Cleaning Experts From Mr Clean Sweep

The warmth of a fireplace is something everyone enjoys, especially during the chilly winter months. If you want your chimney to work properly throughout the year, it is your responsibility to keep it clean. A clean heating appliance will keep your home safe. Look for a company with years of experience in cleaning and repairing them. Mr Clean Sweep is one of the few names you can trust for a chimney sweep in Tunbridge Wells. Their experts know that keeping the flue clean is necessary to avoid chimney fires.


Benefits Of Hiring Chimney Sweep Experts From Mr Clean Sweep


  • Family-Run Business

When you hire a chimney sweep from Mr Clean Sweep, you can rest assured that they have years of experience and can offer knowledgeable advice when required. They are a family-run business, continually striving to maintain the reputation earned by them over the years. Their experts also know the various issues which might crop up when cleaning the heating appliance and how to handle them.

  • Registered Chimney Sweep

At Mr Clean Sweep, they believe that the experience and expertise of their chimney sweep is the base of their success, and are a registered and qualified member of The National Association of Chimney Sweeps. They provide ongoing help, support, guidance and technical advice to the professionals. They leave no stone unturned to ensure that your heating appliance is entirely blockage-free. They even undergo training at fixed intervals to keep themselves updated with the latest cleaning techniques.

  • Versatile Services

Whether you want to clean-lined or unlined multi-fuel stoves, wood-burning stoves or gas and oil appliances, they have the right chimney sweep for the task. They can provide exceptional chimney care services which make their clients continually return. You can choose from a wide variety of chimney cleaning services to keep it in top condition. They use the latest cleaning equipment which makes them capable of unblocking the chimney most efficiently within the shortest span of time.

Since there are so many benefits of hiring chimney sweep experts from Mr Clean Sweep, it’s time you get in touch with their team. They even provide a discount for multiple sweeps in the same property.

How Often Your Chimney Needs Sweeping?

How Often Your Chimney Needs Sweeping

A dirty chimney can cause chimney fires by preventing the escape of harmful gases. Regular chimney sweeping in Sevenoaks will ensure that your chimney is safe to operate. It will help if you get your chimney cleaned or inspected once a year. However, if you frequently burn coal or wood in your fireplace, it is suggested to choose a chimney sweep every season.

How often your chimney needs cleaning usually boils down to a few factors. If you have a fireplace, then choose to have an inspection once a year. It will ensure the safety of your chimney. You must then incorporate repairs, maintenance, or cleaning as required.

Follow These Tips

  • If you regularly burn coal or wood in the fireplace should have the chimney swept every quarter.
  • If you use smokeless fuel in your fireplace, then a once-a-year chimney sweeping will suffice.
  • If you have a gas or oil fireplace, then once-a-year chimney sweeping is recommended.

Signs That Call for Chimney Cleaning

If you notice these early warning signs, you must contact your local registered chimney sweep company.

  • The surrounding of your fireplace has started turning black.
  • After burning wood or coal in your home, you can smell smoke.
  • If your fireplace is performing inefficiently and you are noticing weak fire.
  • If burning wood in your fireplace is causing more smoke than usual.
  • If you notice soot dropping down the walls of your fireplace.
  • If you find animal nests in your chimney.
  • If you notice black participle deposits within your chimney.

Mr Clean Sweep is a NACS registered company and offers the most reliable chimney sweep in SevenoaksThey are capable of thoroughly cleaning your chimney of built-up dirt particles.

Benefits of Hiring Registered Chimney Sweep Company

Benefits of Hiring Registered Chimney Sweep Company

While most enjoy the benefits of a chimney, only a few indulge in proper maintenance. It is essential to keep the flue clean as negligence can lead to a chimney fire or chimney smoke. To ensure that your chimney is entirely blockage-free, you must choose a registered company for a chimney sweep in Tunbridge Wells.

Why Should You Choose a Reliable and Registered Chimney Sweep Company?

High standard of chimney sweep

A registered chimney sweep company will correctly complete the chimney sweep job. All chimney sweep companies registered with a government-approved body have undergone an adequate training program. They will follow the safety standards and use the latest technology cleaning tools.

Full insurance

Registered chimney sweep companies are generally insured. Such companies will protect you against damages in case of any accidents or mishaps. Choosing an insured chimney sweep company will put your mind at ease.

Experience and training

Registered and reputable chimney sweep companies are better experienced at handling different situations. They will meet your chimney sweep needs and budget. Such professional companies will complete the job quickly without leaving any mess.

Experienced chimney sweep companies will be able to spot the problems in your chimney quickly. They will prevent issues like inefficiency in burning or chimney fires.

Things to Look for in A Chimney Sweep Company

It is essential to decide on a professional and reliable chimney sweep company having the following features –

  • They must use the latest cleaning equipment.
  • They should be fully insured.
  • Fully qualified and accredited with The National Association of Chimney Sweeps
  • They should be capable of offering traditional sweeping, rotary sweeping, Up draught tests, and nest removal services.
  • They must possess NACS registered certificates.
  • They should offer free advice to keep your chimney and flue safe.

Mr Clean Sweep is a registered and reliable company offering chimney sweep in Tunbridge WellsThey are fully insured and accredited with national associations to ensure the safety of your chimneys.

Some Warnings About Chimney Smoke: Identify the Problems at an Early Stage

Some Warnings About Chimney Smoke

Chimneys are known to warm the rooms in which they are in. But you need to take care of them, or it might lead to some problematic issues.

You have to maintain your fireplace correctly to make sure it is safe. You need to stay clear of some problems or hire a service provider offering chimney sweep in Tunbridge Wells.

  • Check for Creosote

It is not just the smoke that goes up when the wood is burnt. When the wood is burnt, creosote gets deposited in the inner lining of the chimney. The brown colour tar, soot and carbon powder are together known as the creosote. These two are quite explosive, and you need to make sure that you are cleaning your chimney at a regular interval to get rid of the creosote.

  • Ensure There are no Blockages

Not just creosote, there are many blockages other that can occur. Many households do not use the chimney all through the year except for winter. For such households, it is necessary to make sure that the chimney is free of any blockages. A bird’s nest, dead animals or birds, debris, etc. can cause a blockage.

  • Check for Cracked Walls

Before the winter kicks in, make sure that your fireplace is free of any cracks. For a masonry fireplace building, a wall around the cracked wall will do. You can also hire a chimney expert to take care of the cracked fireplace wall.

There is a lot more to look for before you start lighting a fireplace regularly. It is always better to hire a chimney expert. If you are looking for such an expert you can employ Mr Clean Sweep, they are known to be the best in the town.

Reasons to Get a Chimney Cleaned & Inspected Before Winter

Reasons to Get a Chimney Cleaned & Inspected Before Winter


The winter season is here. It is necessary to get your chimney inspected by a professional chimney sweep in Sevenoaks.

Here are some reasons for getting your chimney inspected and cleaned

  • Removing Any Blockage

 When the chimney is not in use, it may become home to pests, birds, or other animals. Debris or stones can also get accumulated in the chimney. You will need to have your chimney cleaned to remove these blockages.

  • Repairing Any Structural Problem

For your house to be safe while the chimney is in use, you need to make sure that your chimney is in good condition. From the damper system to the crown, each part of the chimney needs to be checked safely. You can hire a chimney inspector to check for any damage and get it repaired as soon as possible.

  • Preventing A Fire

When you are lighting up the fire in your fireplace, more than just smoke goes up the chimney. A tar-like dark-coloured substance gets accumulated in the inner wall of the chimney. This is known as creosote, and you need to ensure that your chimney is free of it. This is a highly flammable substance, and you need to get your chimney cleaned to get rid of the creosote.

  • Enhance its Efficiency

It will help if you enhance the efficiency of the chimney. This means that you can keep your house warm and energy-efficient, without spending a lot of money on fuel. For this, you would have to clean your chimney regularly. When you are removing any blockage from the chimney, you are increasing its efficiency.

Get in touch with Mr Clean Sweep who offer a professional service to get your chimney inspected and cleaned. They are experts in the field and will complete the job with complete peace of mind.

Importance of Chimney Sweep Every Homeowner Should Know


A chimney forms an integral part of a house. It keeps your home warm during the winter months. A clean chimney is essential for fireplace safety, and a chimney sweep is regarded as a reliable way to prevent a chimney fire. Professionals suggest chimney inspection and sweeping at least once a year. Apart from the cleanliness aspect, chimney sweep has other advantages as well.


1. Improvement of the Heating System


Winter months can be severe, and a clean chimney adds to a better heating system. Chimney sweep ensures better ventilation. When air circulation is in place, you need less fuel to keep warm, and there is a less chance of chimney fire breaking out. Sweeping a chimney at regular intervals removes soot which has accumulated near the flue allowing the smoke to move upwards freely.


2. Prevention from Costly Damage


Professional chimney sweeping at regular intervals reduces wear and tear of the most crucial part of the chimney, its flue. With traditional wood burning at the fireplace, grime, dirt and other contaminants tend to accumulate near the vent. When the chimney runs for a longer time, these contaminants build up. In the worst-case scenario, it can create chimney fire which can do potential damage to your house and property.


3. No Carbon Monoxide Poisoning


Carbon monoxide is a deadly, colourless, and odourless gas that has profound health implications. Built-ups near the flue like twigs, soot, grime, bird nests, and other elements act as barriers to the airflow through the chimney. Instead of going out of the house, the deadly gas is pushed back, causing severe damage to your health.

Professional chimney sweep in Bromley will maintain proper airflow, improving the heating efficiency of the house and keeping you safe during the cold winter months.

Reasons Why Regular Chimney Cleaning So Crucial For Your House

Reasons Why Regular Chimney Cleaning So Crucial For Your House

If your house has a chimney, you are guaranteed to lead a comfortable life even through the coldest of weathers. However, like any other part of a home, chimneys also need to be maintained well. Proper cleaning and timely repairs are crucial. A clean chimney can contribute significantly to the overall safety of your house. Here are a few reasons why you must hire a professional chimney sweep in Tunbridge Well.

Detection of chimney obstruction


 A chimney sweep can recognise any issues that your chimney might be facing. Early detection of chimney obstruction is essential. It can lead to a better cleaning service. Several things like: might obstruct a chimney.

  • Leaves and twigs
  • Bird nests
  • Fuel debris and soot


Better energy efficiency


A clean chimney is an efficient chimney. A poorly maintained chimney can lead to extra consumption of fuel to keep your premises warm. This can be due to blockages in the chimney that do not let the smoke escape. If you keep the chimney clean, your fireplace needs minimal fuel. Thus, you can save big on heating bills.


Steering clear of fire accidents


An unclean chimney can cause potential hazards like fire accidents. The combustion of fireplace fuel generates creosote or soot. This is highly inflammable. If not cleaned well, it can lead to accidental fire damage to your property. To avoid this danger to the lives of you and loved ones, a professional chimney sweep in Tunbridge Wells is the best solution.


Recognising the need for repairs


Fireplace damage can be of various types. Each such issue takes a varying amount of time to be fixed. So, a thorough inspection of your home chimney is the first step to resolving any problems that your fireplace might be facing. It is important to understand that some issues might require more time and effort to get fixed. For example, damaged firebox can require extensive repairs. So, a regular check-up of your chimney can point out any existing issues with your home heating mechanism. This can lead to efficient and timely maintenance.

Better home air quality


Chimney blockages can severely impact the home air quality. Improper and incomplete fuel burning causes carbon monoxide poisoning. This often leads to health complications such as breathing and lung problems. A well-maintained chimney can ensure good air quality for your home.

Regular chimney cleaning is critical. You can hire an experienced chimney sweep in Tunbridge Wells at Mr Clean Sweep. They provide the best chimney cleaning services at pocket-friendly prices.

What Do You Need To Do Before Buying A House With A Chimney?

Everyone loves to enjoy a fireplace inside their house during winter. If you are planning to buy a home with a chimney installed, you need to know about a few things. It is recommended to check the chimney before sealing the deal. In the following list, you will get to know about what you need to check before buying a house with a pre-installed chimney.

Consider What Fuel You Want to Use

A chimney stove comes with various fuel options. It could be either a multifuel stove or a traditional wood fuel stove. Considering your requirements, you need to make sure what the house seller is offering you.

Choosing the Suitable Style

Checking a chimney and fireplace’s style is one of the most important things before buying your house. You are going to match the style of the chimney as you wouldn’t like to go for an old looking one. However, some people also love a vintage designed chimney.

The Efficiency Level of The Stove

Checking the efficiency level of the stove is one of the essential things you have to do before buying the house. A stove’s efficiency can be quoted either on a gross or net basis. The minimum gross efficiency required for a furnace is 65%. However, some stoves can get higher efficiencies than this value. You need to check the details before buying your house.

Arrange A Survey

Before confirming your purchase, you need to inspect the chimney. You can arrange a survey by the dedicated chimney experts before making any decision. It will make your house buying easier. You can hire a chimney service to get this job done and estimate if there is any need for chimney sweeps in Tunbridge wells.

Look for A Certificate of Sweeping

A certificate of chimney sweeping is essential. Ask the seller if the property comes with the previous sweeping certificate. If they are not having one, make sure to get a certificate of sweeping before buying your house.

Mr Cleansweep is a well-known chimney sweeping service. They have a team of experts who have been giving the best services to their customers.

The Three Important Levels of Chimney Inspection

The Three Important Levels of Chimney Inspection

A chimney inspection is a significant way of improving your fireplace’s performance. If you want to ensure that your chimney continues to be efficient and safe, then a chimney inspection from a chimney sweep in Sevenoaks is important. It can help to look for build-ups and blockages and also help enhance the performance of the chimney.

Here are a few things you need to know about the chimney inspection.

Three Levels of Service

 There are three levels of services offered by the chimney inspectors.

  • Level One Chimney Inspection

The level one chimney inspection is a  small process. This involves the visual checking of the fireplace by the chimney inspectors. This process is performed without any special equipment or methods and also excludes roof activities.

In this form of inspection, the experts are expected to complete the task of checking using a flashlight. They look for damage, build-up, soot or obstruction and advise the client if the chimney requires sweeping. The job of sweeping the chimney is done on the spot. To sweep the chimney, they often use brushes, extension poles, and a vacuum.

  • Level Two Chimney Inspection

In these kinds of inspections, it is mandatory to perform all the level one chimney inspection procedures. But this process is not only limited to only level one review. This process requires specialized tools and methods. The inspectors in this level also visit the roof and attic. They also look into the crawl space in search for any form of damage. They employ special kind of video scanning tools to perform the methods. The process is completed by sweeping the chimney. They also provide the client with necessary information around what type of repair might be needed.

  • Level Three Chimney Inspection

This level is often referred to as ‘destructive’ and ‘intrusive’. This form of inspection is usually performed after an incident of a chimney fire. The process involves tearing down and rebuilding the walls and the chimney.

The cost of the process varies as per the location and size of the chimney. Make sure to find the right company for a safe and protected chimney inspection.

Mr Cleansweep chimney sweep in SevenoaksThey are a family run business and reputed all around Sevenoaks and the surrounding areas.